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No, I spent a half hour or more listening to him talk about his job.Since I am not in the tech industry, I don’t understand any of it.Dee Wagner, along with Cathy Jernigan and Dee's partner John Cargill wrote "Naked Online: A Do Zen Ways to Grow from Online Dating.Dee was in the process of writing the book when she met John through her dating journey.Given those statistics, then, there’s a good chance that you’ve dabbled on all the main sites—, Plentyof,, and the like. One of the first questions I was always asked during Q & A sessions at workshops and conferences for the next two years was what I called The Dreaded Marketing Question: “What did you do to successfully market ? A blank, dumb look, and then a half-hearted, “Well, that’s a really interesting, complicated topic that we could spend all day on.

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Our date—if you call these impromptu Internet meetings, dates—lasted an hour.

Tech consultant/writer and Seattle native Jeff Reifman is having a hard time finding a date in his city.

But unlike most men, who might blame their romantic travails on being overweight or living with their parents or women being selfish shallow bitches who just can’t appreciate Nice Guys, Reifman believes his dating woes come from a less expected source:

Dee is a psychotherapist, John's a designer and Kathy is a freelance writer.

Together, they designed a manual for keeping your sanity, managing your relationship anxiety and overall staying zen while exploring the universe of online dating.

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