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By finally incorporating my passion into my day to day, I am beginning to be truly successful in business and life. I am proud that ¾ of the Leading Retirement Solutions team make up an amazing group of females in the workplace and in the retirement plan industry, which is an industry that has been traditional dominated by men.

Providing job and professional growth opportunities to these women, including young associates and seasoned technicians, has been rewarding and fulfilling as a business owner.

If not, check out event schedules for a local city league. We asked over 8,500 First singles who overwhelmingly agreed (80%) that comedy or adventure flicks are the way to go. It can also be a way to introduce a little playful competition.

Remember when you were a teenager and the local theater was the go-to date spot? Make bets with each other about who can make the shot in the fewest strokes.

Most people would say money, status, or power — but in order to be a successful woman in business, the definition needs to take on a whole new meaning., only 14.2% of top management positions are filled by women.

“Success” then becomes a matter of defying expectations, overcoming the odds, and creating opportunities to succeed where they might not otherwise exist.

Self-doubt creeps in, and we ask: We finally hear from our love interest three days later, and get the coveted second date for Saturday. So, why do we play mind games, even when we’re romantically attracted to the person?

We’re socially conditioned to think frustration breeds desire, and our own biology helps reinforce this belief.

“The committee doesn’t build a 5-12 matchup, the process does.

“That’s also where you start to see some of the second and perhaps third teams from the bigger conferences as well as the emergence of some of the so-called ‘mid majors’ that can make their way north in the field,” Shaheen said. 5 seed] vulnerable because they’re good, but don’t have the same protections that a three- or a four-seed has. 5 seed, there is no orchestration behind the scenes to either encourage or discourage these type of matchups.

It’s the true middle of the field.” [NCAA tournament cheat sheet: Tips and tricks] No. In fact, the selection committee doesn’t even know what the bracket will look like until after it is completed.

Just because you’re no longer in your twenties doesn’t mean that your dates have to be traditional or boring.

Whether it’s your first date, third date, or tenth date, if your looking for a feel-like-a-kid-again date idea, check out our list below! Think about it: You’ve got a beautiful view, great food, a cool breeze, and no distractions.

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