Carbon dating is fraud

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Bottom line: If the Koran predates the Prophet Muhammad, it follows that the Koran is most likely not a product of divine revelation as Muhammad and his followers have claimed, and thus renders false the claims which form the foundation of Islam.

The definitive dating of the remains of the extinct hominin Homo naledi has been completed, and the results have left researchers' original assumptions about the age of the creature in the dust: initially thought to be 2.5 million years old, the remains have been found to be only one-tenth of that age, at roughly 250,000 years -- meaning that this...

Thus some anthropogenic emissions, (eg those from agriculture) which will be extremely difficult to eliminate, will need to be balanced by active uptake to achieve emission neutrality.

The feasibility, mechanisms and implications of GGR are, however, insufficiently understood.

22 to discuss future work on the relic, ''by which time, of course, the public announcement will have been made,'' Dr. The Shroud of Turin is a yellow strip of linen about 14 feet long by 3 feet wide, on which is imprinted the brownish negative image of a scourged and crucified man.

Since the cloth first came to light at a new church in Lirey, France, in the mid-1350's, it has been a source of controversy.

The use of Carbon-14 analyses to establish natural versus synthetic origin of consumer products is not new.

It has been well established for decades as a useful and accurate tool. Pharmacopeial Convention added biobased content testing to its Food Chemicals Codex as a method for verifying the authenticity of natural ingredients in dietary supplements and food.

For a blended product that is composed of a natural extract and a synthetic chemical compound, the test will yield a biobased carbon result between 0% and 100% proportional to the quantity of each of the two components in the blend.Products with petroleum-derived components, however, will have a significantly lower radiocarbon level.Many artificial additives in food, drinks, drugs, and cosmetics are petroleum-based, and these materials have no radiocarbon left.a copy of the Koran held in England may be even older than the Prophet Muhammad.Scholars report the Birmingham Koran was produced between 568 and 645 AD, while the life of Prophet Muhammad was from 570 to 632 AD.

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