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Prior to her work with Style Network and NBC, Mai was part of the on-air beauty squad on the hit TLC series "10 Years Younger" and was also one of the judges on the TLC reality series "Miss America: Reality Check." She has made numerous appearances on other shows, including E!

News, "Wendy Williams," "The Doctors," "Ricki Lake" and "Bethenny." In the digital realm, Mai has been a regular contributor to Perez Hilton’s fashion site Coco and hosted a 12-episode series with Yahoo!

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She then told her parents that because of over-crowding at the school, each student was only allowed one guest at graduation, so she gave her ticket to a friend, not wanting to make one of her parents feel left out. When news of the murder and attempted murder broke in 2010, it seemed that Jennifer had orchestrated the hit to get back at her parents for forbidding her from seeing her boyfriend Daniel Wong (right).Jennifer again fed her parents a lie, saying she had been accepted, and convinced them to let her stay with a friend downtown a few days of the week when in fact she was living at her high school sweetheart's house.Another two years passed, and it was time for Jennifer to 'graduate' from University of Toronto.Instead of fessing up, Jennifer continued to go about as if nothing was wrong.She accepted her father's offer of a new laptop, started buying used biology and physics textbooks and even pretended to attend freshman week in September.

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