Dating a guy with no teeth

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A common concern among many denture wearers is: How will my dentures affect my dating life? I mean, the real-estate that your dentures take up happens to be in a pretty intimate location.Some just aren’t eager to get into the “denture dialogue” before they’ve even gotten to know the potential mate.I am an open book and never shy away at the chance to tell others about my experience—but there are times even I am like, “Ugh, I really don’t feel like getting into it”.I can think back on times i’ve been in a rush or been focused on other more important things and someone would compliment my smile and as how I keep it so white… and it isn’t that I didn’t want to disclose the information, not at all! But people become curious and that’s fine by me, just not when I am contracting every two to three minutes!I really do feel for thoseless fortunate to have dental plans but I've learned that many people do indeed have dentalplans but choose the easy way out, having them pulled, rather than a root canal or implant.I was just wondering what other people's views were when it comes to this since I see topicslike asian men/women, disabled people and the list goes on.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

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I'm married and shallow, though, so you don't have to worry about impressing me.Last year I went out with Harrison, who I’d met online.The first night I met him I came out of my building and there he was, standing in front of his (very nice) car waiting for me.I was hoping they would leave it at that but they wanted to know to what extent my dental surgery was. Most people would like to avoid that while on a date.You’re out to eat, you’re having light, flirty conversation, can you imagine talking about your extraction process and nightly cleaning regimen?

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