Dating a vegetarian woman

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” stories, or your “I’m a Vegan Man, Hear Me Roar,” stories. Quick, picture a bunch of six vegans NPR’s “All Things Considered” interviewed this week—among them a bodybuilder, a triathlete, and a mixed-martial arts fighter—who got together to barbecue beet burgers and prove that it’s more masculine to protect the planet and its animals than to destroy them." data-reactid="20"Chances are, the stereotype you just conjured wasn’t of a gaggle of strapping gents with bulging biceps.But as meat-free food options have increased, can the same be said of carnivores’ acceptance of meat-free people?

Really, really fortunately, my boyfriend is really supportive about it. I know statistically speaking there are more vegan women than men, but I would still think that—especially as someone who has at least a few of her toes dipped in the bubbly vegan circuit—I would have come across more datable dudes.At least two or three I could throw at one of my friends.As of now, I have met exactly one single eligible vegan male. Now I’ve got a guy, so I’m not looking to snag a lettuce-munching man myself, but I am trying to look out for all my single vegan female friends who are constantly walking around grumbling Where The Men At like cantankerous fluffy Persian kitties (yoowwlll). ) Other than that, vegan men seem to be hibernating, or living in a commune somewhere in Idaho, lovingly tending to their organic gardens with no shirts on.

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