Dating a well known interior designer

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Good communication and people skills are vital, since you’ll be guiding potentially indecisive or inexperienced clients on major decisions.

Did you know that many well-known interior designers aren’t certified?

British interior architect Emma Stinson is the creative force behind Dubai-based Studio EM, which she co-founded back in 2011 with her husband Kristian who manages the business operations.

In the past five years, the studio has gone from their spare room to now …

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Rearranging furniture was his favorite pastime, but he never knew it could be a career until he met an interior designer.

9 Mother-and-daughter team, Yorkshire based but operating across UK and in Portugal.

10 Kelly is a celebrity interior designer (she is a Dragon’s Den dragon) with her own range of fabrics, paints and furniture.

Standout: A greenish tinge to the white wall paint subliminally echoes bolder green accents, such as the anodized-aluminum disks that descend from the ceiling.

Standout: The city's "lane houses," with clothes hanging ...

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