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", only for it to go pear-shaped when you reveal your true toking colours and confess you can't go and visit their parents because you need to "catch up on some bongs". Speaking to Fast Co Exist, Mitchem said: "I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up — date over. works the same way as any other dating app – just set up a profile that says how you like smoking weed, what you like to do when you smoke weed and pretty soon you should find someone who likes the same weed stuff you do.

So cut out all that bullshit and just find someone who likes caning it too. I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that's it. However, Mitchem claims that it isn't just for dating.

In this fashion – as long as your weed is right, and your shorty is right – you know you will be, too. Here are nine reasons why stoner chicks make the best girlfriends.

As a general rule of thumb (no pun intended), most true stoners are good with their hands – and, if she can skill a cone proper, she can always post up and roll my weed.

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Likewise, girls who get high, in my opinion, also make the best lovers.Just like I do yoga and he rides bikes, it's just another thing. He packs bowls for me — he's the organizer of all the weed stuff, and I just smoke it.My boyfriend is an engineer for a tech start-up, and I run my own business as a web designer.Back when I was 16, I probably thought that meeting up with a girl and getting stoned was a really good idea, but now I think it would be absolutely terrible.I mean you would just smoke weed and then sit there pranging out about what she thought of you or how you were sitting or whatever and then get up and awkwardly leave. However, it seems like I’m in the minority here as this guy decided to meet girls on Tinder and ask them if they liked smoking weed and set up a date with them based around that.

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