Dating hofners

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In the old days people simply could give Hofner a phone call and they easily made custom changes.

In 1967 they produced for a short time a model without a control panel (similar to the 459 violin guitar), models without headstock logo or with a longscale neck have been reported as well. a lefthand version of the 'shorty'-bass guitar, so it is impossible for me to cover all model variations roaming on the market.

I reckon in the UK it would fetch 350-400 without too much bother, but as I said earlier- things may be wildly different down under Thanks Repairman and Mgeek. At least I have a date and approx value now and a likely explanation re the pickups etc.

Hmmmm the only thing now is whether I sell it or keep it as it for sentimental reasons. One other thing to look at on these old Hofners is a date under the top.

) If anyone is able to help date and maybe put a rough value on it I would be most grateful. Hi Mikey Mike; well it's definitely a Hofner President and the serial number dates it to 1961; 1961 started with number 7968. They are very similar to the standard 1960-1961 pick-ups but not the same. Do they have the diamond and Hofner writing in the centre of the slit? Wouldn't a Hofner of this period have had the electrics mounted on a little plate with some slider switches etc?

If so they could be an unusual one that never got into main line production; if not they could conceivable be a replacement. I'm wondering if the pickups might be Maton units...

Even though the information on the chart is incomplete because some information does not exist. Early rounded neck heel design with pearloid trim piece at bottom of joint.

This information came from Bob Belloff with a few bits added by me.

Oh- and for what it's worth I think it would fetch a little more than 2-300...despite the reduced collectibility caused by the modifications, I'd say it's still worth more to a player than say, a new Alden or something which would be 250 or so.The Hofner factory did not put serial numbers on their instruments until the early seventies.Some instruments however had the date of manufacture penciled, or stamped, on the underside of the top.Diamond pickups close together at top of body as in 1956-59. Blade type pickups phased in along with square, flush to body neck heel. Smaller Hofner transfer logo phased in to replace raised logo. Use other visual clues to help determine the decade.

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