Dating parenthood

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When Amber was 7, Sarah begged Seth to go to rehab, and while he refused, he later regrets this when he and Sarah subsequently divorce.

At the start of the show, Sarah and her two kids live in Fresno, California.

"But I got there, and all of them were just so nice and so welcoming." He praised the acting talents of his costars and added, "They're just super, super nice." "It was definitely hard, but it was also very fun being Victor," Mariduena reflected. "I think I've grown along with Max a little bit," Burkholder said.

Yep, Mae Whitman is renting out her guesthouse to her TV sibling Miles Heizer.

"We're definitely unusually close, just as far as human beings go," Whitman said. "I remember being surprised that there was a 14-year-old boy who could, with such ease and nonchalance, hang out with me and Sarah Ramos, a 20-year-old and a 17-year old," Whitman recalled.

Braverman (great-grandfather)Blanche Braverman (great-grandmother)Zeek Braverman (grandfather)Camille Braverman (grandmother)Adam Braverman (uncle)Kristina Braverman (aunt)Crosby Braverman (uncle)Julia Braverman-Graham (aunt)Joel Graham (uncle)Jasmine Trussell-Braverman (aunt)Haddie Braverman (cousin)Max Braverman (cousin)Nora Braverman Sydney Graham (cousin)Victor Graham (cousin)Jabbar Trussell-Braverman (cousin)Aida Braverman (cousin) Amber is the oldest child in the Holt family; followed by her brother Drew, with whom she is very close.

Her parents divorced sometime during her childhood, with her father having an inconsistent presence in her life, causing Amber to become extremely rebellious and dismissive towards her mother, Sarah.

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