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Natia Gvianishvili, a member of the Independent Group of Feminists, which organized the protest, said it was time to tackle what Georgians call the “virginity institute,” the notion that a woman’s value as a future wife and mother rests almost exclusively on her chastity.

The number of women is much larger than that of men in their own country.Foreign men like Chinese and American men are family-oriented and respect women.Men from Russia or Ukraine like drinking and are not as responsible as men in USA and other western countries.Tagsbrides virginity, chastity before marriage, chastity culture, chastity eastern europe, chastity european georgia, curltural virginity, eastern europe attitudes, eastern europe female identity, eastern europe femininity, eastern europe gender war, eastern europe story, eastern europe virginity culture, eastern europe virginity institution, eastern europe women's virtue, european georgia culture, european georgia society, European georgia women, female identity, female virginity, gender battles, gender division, gender equality, gender imbalance, gender war, gender war east europe, georgian culture, georgian gender war, georgian society, georgian women, hymen restoration, hymen surgery, marriage chastity, marriage virginity, metered, proof of virginity, repressed culture, story on eauropean georgia, viginity inspections, virginity before marriage, virginity brides, virginity conformity, virginity culture, virginity institution, virginity pressures, virginity tests, wnn, wnn - women news network, wnn eastern europe, wnn improve it, women and marriage, women and virginity, women and virtue, women as brides, women news network, women's culture, women's identity, Women's News, women's society A Georgian couple out on a date sit together in Old Tiblisi.Gender roles in the region are often clouded with traditional views on sexual behavior in what is, or is not, acceptable for men and women.

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