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I’m not saying that a long-distance romance with someone while at HBS isn’t going to last, but its certainly an uphill battle.And I think there’s some underlying motivation (realized or not) in starting a new life that’s completely new and decidedly independent of one’s significant other. We do a rather abnormal amount of self reflection in this place; we’re forced on a regular basis to assess our lives to date and where we see ourselves down the road.

While there is no one-size-fits-all advice for profile photos (after all, everyone is attracted to different things), there are some general guidelines that can help you make a good impression. Use a wide, mid-range photo Wide photos tend to get the most attention, according to e Harmony’s statistics.

As far as origin sequences go, this is one of the quicker and most efficient in terms of skipping the long build up and just getting to the heroes exploring their powers.

The major problem with the sequence and arguably the entire film is the handling of Doom. Doom is the preeminent villain in Marvel Comics with a serious mad-on for Reed dating back to their college days.

Mc Mahon is miscast, but he doesn’t really have a chance with this poorly written role, which turns him into a pun-spewing joke. Doom with Syndrome far better than any Fantastic Four movie thus far.

Reluctantly using their powers to help their fellow New Yorkers and prompted by Johnny’s marketing savvy, Reed is dubbed Mr.

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