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It's actually been a little bit of a problem for me because I carry a toothbrush, brush vigorously in some mirrorless little public bathroom and end up with toothpaste foam stains on my shirt for the rest of the day. The new Brush Up disposable toothbrushes are textured teeth wipes that fit over your finger like a giant paper thimble.

It's coated with a non-foaming mint-flavored cleanser that freshens like mouthwash.

You can use the Roady in your car, and then pop it out and use it anywhere inside the Playdock. Read about the possibility of PDA-powered XM Radio at Engadget.

The XM Roady is a complete set for the car (receiver, antenna, cassette adapter) for about 0 and the Play Dock, which will be available later this summer will set you back about an additional 0. Posted by Mia Category: devices Tags: Email this | Comments (0) I know hand washing is the standard activity for many obsessive-compulsives and I like clean hands as much as anyone, but nothing soothes my neurotic spirit like brushing my teeth.

Over the last year, we've tried to bring you as many of those uplifting stories (even if they are bittersweet) as possible, to provide a little respite from 2016's emotional hailstorm.

Here you'll find what Engadget's staff thinks are some of the best picks from the year. That Dragon, Cancer and shooting the "enemy"The Engadget team has published a lot of great work this year.

Not surprisingly, video games have fallen into the same sad routine.

But games might prove even more problematic, since it asks people to become active participants, rather than just observers.

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A year and a half ago ago, she gave birth to a son, who is growing up, like his sisters, with two moms and a dad.Comcast is bringing the online dating game to digital cable today, Valentine's Day, hoping video dating will help keep subscribers from being seduced by satellite TV competitors.The cable giant is adding "Dating on Demand" video profiles to its lineup of on-demand channels.We'll come right out and say it: 2016 wasn't the greatest year by any standards.In particular, divisive politics and celebrity death seemed to cast a long shadow over the last 12 months.

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