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compliance," Somers adds, "it will be difficult to persuade non-accelerated filers to begin using XBRL [since] they are already stretched with pending Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and a competitive accounting market.

The newest version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, signed into law last month, requires states to use at least one such indicator—like measures of student engagement or access to advanced coursework—in tracking schools' success.Schools must also be able to disaggregate data related to that indicator to show how it affects students in different subpopulations: those from all racial and ethnic groups, students with disabilities, children from low-income families, and English-language learners.The law lists a few examples of possible indicators that states may consider—student engagement, educator engagement, student access to and completion of advanced coursework, postsecondary readiness, and school climate and safety—but it also leaves the door open to other indicators of each state's choice.if we broaden accountability systems beyond test scores and schools are required to look at these other things, then the public and parents will start looking at them, and there's a better chance that schools will start providing these kinds of things," said Megan Wolfe, advocacy manager for ASCD, an organization that has pushed for so-called "multimetric accountability." But as states put a largely untested policy idea into practice on such a large scale, implementation is everything.If states select indicators that can't be accurately measured or influenced by schools, or if they fail to provide schools with the resources they need to carry out new mandates, the indicator requirement could lead to unintended consequences or pushback from educators, K-12 groups and researchers have warned.

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