Edelsten dating scandal

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' The Block's Suzi Taylor (R) exclusively told Daily Mail Australia about her blossoming friendship with Geoffrey Edelsten (L) after they met at a Melbourne party on Wednesday night - but says they are not romantically involved'Don't believe anything you read about me in any of the garbage press.

I'm very much single, and my sole attention and focus is on my beautiful children who I love dearly.

“I am not dating Geoffrey Edelsten,” she told radio hosts Sophie Monk and Matty Acton. I have met him once in my life and had a photograph taken with him.” The former reality TV star also explained that Edelsten was just one of a number of people she was photographed with at the event, and they had shared only a brief exchange of words.

“We said hello, had a little chat, and next thing you know I’m dating him.” When pressed about the nature of the claim, Taylor suggested: “Maybe he had a few too many drinks - I don’t know.

And that makes it deep and interesting and also really funny.

I think guys are going to be surprised by how even-handed it is.” Marti Noxon, ‘s creator and showrunner, thinks that male viewers will be pleasantly surprised.

But so much of it is so wrong about so many things that rereading it earlier today made me cringe.

It’s not like Jake is the bad guy and Abby is the good guy.

Rather than hiding its true self, Scandal took its characters from speed-talking workaholics and transformed them all into people who acted as if everything they did was the single most fucking important thing they had ever done in their lives.

These characters didn’t talk fast because of network programming time constraints.

“It’s a three dimensional view of relationships,” Adelstein told Rotten Tomatoes.

“Abby is certainly the lead character, but in order for Abby to be three-dimensional, she needs to be flawed as well.

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