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I was looking what is the skype exactly doing on our pages, and it creates some span around the phone numbers, as you already said, but it even add an tag at the end of the document, just after the body closed tag. Just before that object there is a configuration tag: This is added dynamically by the plugin! I have tested on a couple of computer 3 different browsers and 2 different skype versions, for now it works for me, let me know if it works for you too and if it works share it :) Try this.

but here the solution become obvious, to finalle stop skype messing with your design and avoid changing phone number the solution is to insert very early in the document the following tag: notice the autoextractnumbers="0", here is the trick. It substitutes spaces in the phone number with an invisible span the original space char.

Nice solution, but a downside would be the dependencies on Skype's exact generated CSS element/class names. The span solution must be the most foolproof although not the problem with breaking the phone # in pieces is that search engines won't read them as a phone number, but as 3 separate small numbers, so if people search for your business phone #, your page might not show in the results Skype has taken to adding a randomly generated string of numbers to the end of their span tag, so the above response from Groo is not entirely accurate anymore.

To correctly select all Skype tags on a page, use CSS3 wildcard selectors like such : I saw over the interweb a lot of possible solutions javascript solutions, meta tags, css and maybe I found an hack actually working for my websites, I tested on some computers and it work and I think it will work until skype don't change something in their code.

George often uses listener emails in presenting the show.

On those Windows machines with Skype installed, it tends to convert all phone-formatted numbers to Skype links so you can click it in order to make a call on Skype.

I file EXE ("eseguibili"), come c2c_service.exe, sono file che contengono istruzioni dettagliate che un computer segue per eseguire una funzione.

Of course your markup should look like It is harder to do in normal HTML, but Skype doesn't remove the parent container, so put the number in something with an ID, you can do a "get Element By Id" on it, set the inner HTML to the phone number. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).There are a lot of people registered so you can always find nice and friendly people in our chat rooms.(When signing up for Coast Insider, you have special access to George Noory via a private e-mail system.- rendendolo uno dei formati più utili per il sistema operativo Windows.Senza i file eseguibili, come c2c_service.exe, non potresti utilizzare nessun programma sul tuo PC.

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