Invalidating insurance

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The percentage with mileage restrictions rose to 16% among young male drivers.

Mark Godfrey, RAC insurance director, said: “It’s worrying to see so many people – both young drivers and by association their parents – who are prepared knowingly to try to cheat the system to get cheaper insurance.

Equally, if you cancel an inclusive package, then the travel provider may offer a partial refund and the insurer will cover the rest.

But remember that every insurer has different terms and conditions - making it vital to read the small print on your cancellation travel insurance policy.

And not just any insurance, but the RIGHT type of insurance.

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Neither of them wanted to be tied down with daily nuisances of checking their mail or paying their bills so, I did it – for five years!

I would often say things like “Man, you’re getting ripped off on insurance.” Or, “This has got to be a scam – you are paying THIS much for something you never use?!

” These thoughts all came before I had the slightest clue what I was talking about. I got to witness first-hand how extremely important insurance is.

Healthcare, workers compensation and auto insurance are believed to be the lines most vulnerable to insurance fraud. Shortly after the enactment of the 2010 healthcare reform law, the Health and Human Services secretary issued warnings about a proliferation of phony health insurance policies.

Auto theft, a related issue, is discussed in Insurance Issues Updates, Auto Theft. (4) Fraud bureau set up in the state Attorney General's office.

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