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But photographers struggled for artistic recognition throughout the century.

It was not until in Paris’s Universal Exposition of 1859, twenty years after the invention of the medium, that photography and “art” (painting, engraving, and sculpture) were displayed next to one another for the first time; separate entrances to each exhibition space, however, preserved a physical and symbolic distinction between the two groups.

Following Britain's Linked Ring, which promoted artistic photography from the 1880s, Alfred Stieglitz encouraged several women to join the Photo-Secession movement which he founded in 1902 in support of so-called pictorialism.

In Vienna, Dora Kallmus pioneered the use of photographic studios as fashionable meeting places for the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.

The involvement of women in photojournalism also had its beginnings in the early 1900s but slowly picked up during World War I.

While the work of the English and French gentlemen involved in developing and pioneering the process of photography is well documented, the part played by women in the early days tends to be given less attention.

His celebrated images recorded incremental stages of movement too rapid for the human eye to observe, and his work fulfilled the camera’s promise to enhance, or even create new forms of scientific study.

In the arts, the medium was valued for its replication of exact details, and for its reproduction of artworks for publication.

This can be said of every other type of visual representation, however, but unique to photography is the transformed perception of the medium.The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process.Several of the earliest women photographers, most of whom were from Britain or France, were married to male pioneers or had close relationships with their families.Please note that websites for individual short lines is not included within this list although several do have their own online destinations offering more information about their particular service(s).More Information About Short Lines Class II, Regionals Winchester & Western Aberdeen & Rockfish Ann Arbor Railroad Belt Railway of Chicago Chicago, South Shore & South Bend Apache Railway Utah Railway Durham & Southern East Tennessee & Western North Carolina, "The Tweetsie" Wellsville, Addison & Galeton : The is a G&W property operating nearly 350 miles of track running from eastern Mississippi, through western Alabama, and finally terminating at Pensacola, Florida.

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