Leo dating virgo

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Many Virgos radiate a wholesome cleanliness, while Leo is apt to go for adornment and add a well-chosen scent.

Virgo is attracted to Leo's sense of dignity and pride, especially if there's discipline to back up the big talk. They share a practical mindset, that gives them an edge with real achievement.

A friendship between a Leo and a Virgo involves a friendship between two people who have little in common.

However, as they comprehend each other more and more, a strong bond forms between them.

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The Virgo male likes classy, expensive looking women.

Astrologically, you will not find a woman who is more of a perfectionist than the Virgo woman, for she pays attention to every little detail. This zodiac sign does not like flashy clothes, strange behavior or blatant flirting. All Virgos operate daily life from their rational and practical beliefs. With a strong sex drive, the Leo lover is dominating and adventurous. Once trust is built, Virgo will experiment with the Leo lover. The Virgo lover wants tenderness from Leo in the bedroom. The first date could be the theater or exclusive concert. Bring each conversation to a conclusion at the end. Virgo women are attracted by rich surroundings and intelligent conversation. She must be courted to break through her reserved exterior.Quick, think of your most well-connected friend, the one whose cell phone has a thousand numbers.Now give them a call, and ask them who in their vast phone book do they think is lucky enough to deserve a date with you.

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