My boyfriend is looking at dating sites

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He is doing a brilliant job with the character Yoon Tae Woon. just wishing you luck no-min woo and the other actress.. I wish people would get off it already about Min Woo and how he looks. He is playing the part of a sheltered emotionally stunted guy who has some kinda trauma in his past.. I love No Min Woo too but I'd rather love him in gumiho, I don't think he's suitable for this role, because he's cool and mature i dont think he is a bad actor..just that the character is like that...i liked his acting in my gf is a nine tailed gumiho and greatest love..totally different..his hair i think it does not suit him if he coloured his hair.. “We could save it for tomorrow and take it easy today.“No way,” he said. He drinks beer and whiskey, doesn’t dance when we go out, plays far too many video games, and all-in-all is a dude’s dude. “Your boobs are bigger than mine.”“Fuck yeah they are,” he said, grinning broadly.Which is why I was pretty surprised one night when, after leaving our friends at a bar to go smoke a joint on an East Village stoop, he pulled out his phone to show me pictures of a strangely familiar looking girl pouting at the cellphone’s camera.“That’s me,” he said, his other hand shaking as he clutched a cigarette. “Go big or go home.”I helped him apply his makeup, paying extra attention to the foundation to mask the faint trace of stubble left from shaving that morning.

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If you have a relationship like that, then by all means, go for it. Though things might be difficult in the beginning, everyone will heal from this. You don’t want to be on your deathbed thinking about the dream trip that slipped out from beneath your fingers. Wishing you all the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

We arrived in Atlantic City one of the first Fridays of summer.

I pulled out the two dresses I’d brought with me — both of them sluttier than anything I’d wear at home, but AC seemed to call for it — and my boyfriend started unpacking his bags.

You say that you give him everything he needs sexually, emotionally, physically and mentally. you’re basically saying that you’re his perfect dream girl.

Maybe what you meant is that you’re giving him everything *you think* he needs sexually, emotionally, etc. Oftentimes, we love other people in the way that we want to be loved – and while you make certain adjustments toward him since he’s a dude, it’s not safe to bet that you’re satisfying his every need…

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