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We've become a lot more discerning and wiser than ever to see beyond what is skin-deep and superficial.We've come to terms with the fact that we can't just leave our chances of finding the right one to frivolity. Personally, my relationship to swiping is kind of like my relationship to “Girls” after five seasons — the spark’s long gone.

"They're tired of matching on trivial things and are looking for a more meaningful way to connect.Rather than swiping, users interact by “liking” or commenting on photos, or answering icebreaker questions.Even though I’m in a committed relationship, I was pumped to hear Hinge’s news.And, a Com Core survey says that 82 per cent of those who are online (worldwide) can be reached through social networks. You need to ‘dance’ before you ask someone out on a date! How can we do so well with engaging with someone to get to the point in the “relationship” to ask for a Linked In request … Use this feature to personalize and strike a chord with your new found business contact.Combine those three statistics to realize that you CANNOT make mistakes with your social selling or you may not meet your goals! We need to add value first, be an available resource and let the customer ask (early) for the demo! Nothing looks worse than a social media profile pic with a signficant other, your dog, your boat or a picture a mysterious hand on your shoulder with an unconnected body than an unattended to profile (Creepy … and THAT is even creepier that you are showing it in your profile pic). Heck, when people reach out to me, I even respond to them to tell them how much I look forward to network with them …

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