Robert gant dating

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His character’s wedding in the series was, in fact, the first legal gay marriage ever portrayed on television.

More recently, Robert travelled across the Atlantic to star as the sole American cast member on the BBC British comedy/drama series, “Personal Affairs.” He also became television’s first gay spy in the film, “Kiss Me Deadly,” for Here!

It features accountant-type guys standing in a dirt field with cars circling around them, dust flying in their faces. I forget the season, but he'd been on for a few years at this oint.

We go to the same gym and exchange hellos and he seems friendly enough. The "name" guest stars on this ep were Lou Diamond Philips and Renee Taylor (from "The Nanny") - Gant got billing only in the end credits, and had only about 5 lines total. You'd think his bf could get him better parts than a walk-on on a basic cable sitcom. )I was doing some writing for a small gay newspaper once and was invited to a Showtime party for a QAF season launch party.

I asked him if it was okay if I asked him a few questions. I half-joked: "I'm here to promote the show, which I actually like. I had a few talks with him and he is genuine and down to earth.

Although I don't think I've seen him in anything other than a few episodes of "Popular."But I'm not capable of properly lusting after a man if I think he's an asshole. I'm used to actors at press parties knowing they're going to be approached, especially actors who've been around the block a little bit.

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I've just read this whole thread (because it is rather short), and everyone (well almost)here feels sorry for Robert because apparently, he has great looks.

Interestingly, it was his career as an attorney that brought him to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world`s largest law firm.

In a twist of fate, the firm`s Los Angeles office was closed soon after.

At present, he is shooting as a series regular the new BBC British television series, "PA`s," in London and Glasgow.

In addition to these projects, he recurred as the eccentric principal, Calvin Krupps, on the WB`s "Popular" and as Caroline`s boyfriend, Trevor, on NBC`s "Caroline in the City" Gant has had many notable guest spots on such TV hits as "Friends," where he played one of two gorgeous men Phoebe was dating simultaneously, "Veronica`s Closet," "Becker," "Melrose Place," "Ellen," "Pepper Dennis," "The Closer," "CSI," and "Nip/Tuck," to name a few.

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