Row cannot be located for updating sql server

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The Client Data Set/Provider architecture allows you to specify a primary update table (and advanced features actually not covered in the book) and also customize the updates' SQL, as we partially saw in Chapter 14 and we'll further explore in Chapter 16, "Multitier Data Snap Applications." ADO supports an equivalent to cached updates called batch updates, which are similar to the BDE approach.In the next section we will take a closer look at ADO's batch updates, what they can offer you, and why they are so important.I need help in writing queries which will update My Sql tables from SQL server.I have created linked server and select queries work fine but I'm getting errors while doing update.The BDE considers any SQL join to be read-only because inserting, updating, and deleting rows in a join is ambiguous.For example, should the insert of a row into the previous join result in a new product and also a new supplier, or just a new product?You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.

______________ Carl Zeiss Vision Computer Scientist Asia Pacific John Bonnett 19 Cooroora Crescent Lonsdale SA 5160 Australia Phone: 61 (0) 8 8392 8366 Fax: 61 (0) 8 8392 8400 Email: [email protected] Web: email, including any attachments, is intended for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain information that is confidential, privileged and/or the sender's work. I'm going to present only what happens with client-side cursors, such as when Cursor Location is set to ad Use Client, because the server-side mechanism varies from provider to provider.The client-side mechanism, however, requires only that the database supports SQL.On the SQL Server that is linking to My SQL, go into the configure screen on the My SQL ODBC connection that is used by the linked server. Upon making that configuration change, updates that set a My SQL field value to the value it already has will not return an error. It seems like when your are updating column value and if new value is same as existing one then it is treated as there is no change so no updation will happen.Before I discovered this on another forum, I had put a LOT of code in to filter out the offending values on a field by field basis. In my case I was updating acm_flag to 'P' but it's value was already 'P' so no updation happened.

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