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A lot has been made out of Michelle Obama's campaign against obesity. But he doesn't: “I’m trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you.” Because clearly an SI swimsuit model is the figure (no pun intended) that we would all like our First Lady to emulate.

It really seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way. On his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh first called Michelle Obama a hypocrite for taking her daughters out to eat ribs at Vail, where they were spotted "feasting on ribs -- ribs that were 1,575 calories per serving with 141 grams of fat, per serving." Except they weren't.

Interestingly, many male members of his family including his brother, uncle, grandfather and cousin are all lawyers and judges in different courts of America.

He grew up and studied in Missouri Central High School from where he graduated in 1969.

of the House, went the Cheney route [of obtaining deferments]; Kenneth Starr, Clinton’s legal nemesis, had psoriasis; Jack Kemp, Dole’s running mate in 1996, was unfit because of a knee injury, though he heroically continued as a National Football League quarterback for another eight years; Pat Buchanan had arthritis in his knees, though he soon became an avid jogger.

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Rush Limbaugh got his start in radio while still in high school.And since talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is one of the most popular media proponents of the conservative political viewpoint and has been a vociferous critic of a young Bill Clinton’s efforts to avoid the Vietnam-era draft, it’s not surprising that the question of Limbaugh’s own military status should be a common one.When Rush Limbaugh first came of draft age he held a classification?After a three-year investigation by Florida authorities, Limbaugh agreed to a deal in 2006 that resulted in a ,000 fine and 18 months of treatment.Two years later, in 2008, he signed a fresh 8-year, 0 million contract with radio conglomerate Clear Channel. Rush Limbaugh’s marriage to Marta Fitzgerald took place at the home of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who also officiated…

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