Schizophrenia dating a schizophrenic

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I don’t think others’ thoughts hold any real bearing on my thoughts and emotions when the prospect of a relationship presents itself. For the last eight years, I’ve had a major red flag hanging over my head: the diagnosis of a major mental illness.

When exactly do you tell someone that you have schizophrenia?

Do I tell her that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia eight years ago after I took a trip to the U. where I thought I was a prophet and I was trying to save the world?

Several told Jonny that he ‘didn’t look like a schizophrenic’.

Hi, I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice please.

I've started seeing a nice man and he's actually a dream man, but the other day he told me he has suffered from schizophrenia.

People with schizophrenia tend to avoid social situations, and that makes it tough to form friendships.

"Social relationships are quite impaired in people with schizophrenia," says Philip D.

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