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Clash, 52, plied the 16-year-old aspiring model with liquor and sweet talk after they met on a gay chat line in 2000, alleged the lawsuit filed Tuesday. Tickler” in an unpublished manuscript recounting the night when the puppeteer met the virginal teen, said attorney Jeff Herman.

It was the third time Clash has been hit with underage sex allegations in two weeks. In addition to the Elmo dolls in the West Side apartment, there were photos of Elmo with stars like Beyonce and Tyra Banks — and Clash’s Emmy.

The ruling could be appealed, but at the moment, Clash is free from those claims.The pair met on a gay chat line — the same allegation made by the second victim to speak out against Clash, 52.In a manuscript about their affair, the unidentified victim referred to the older Clash as “Mr.The crime was first reported after transit workers stumbled upon a bloody trail in a subway tunnel about 400 feet north of the Nostrand Avenue A train station early on February 17.A member of a maintenance team installing lights came upon a blue, plastic recycling bag jammed against the tunnel wall from which jutted a human leg.

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