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If left intact, it will grow so big it will drag the ground. After surgery, the girl’s legs are usually tied together for a couple of months, to allow the raw flesh to heal.

While it is important to understand there are no underlying medical conditions that dictate FGM and that it is a surgical procedure undertaken on a voluntary basis and usually without benefit of anesthesia, it is also important to understand that most patients are between the ages of three and eight, entirely too young to intelligently volunteer for such a dangerous, painful, and life-changing event.

Results are available in 10 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

OSTI is the Department of Energy office that collects, preserves, and disseminates DOE-sponsored R&D results.

OSTI hosts this international gateway to more than 80 national science collections from more than 70 participating nations.

This resource offers the most current information from around the world in fields such as energy, medicine, agriculture, environment, and basic sciences.

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