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“Minerals have crystal systems which are defined by the # of axis and the length of the axis that intersect the crystal faces.” That’s how the notes start, and they only get murkier after that.When I ask Esmee what this actually means, she gives me her homework credo.We moved from Pacific Palisades, California, where Esmee also had a great deal of homework at Paul Revere Charter Middle School in Brentwood.I have found, at both schools, that whenever I bring up the homework issue with teachers or administrators, their response is that they are required by the state to cover a certain amount of material.For comments about our Truth-O-Meter or Flip-O-Meter items, please e-mail the Truth-O-Meter.

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He travelled to Alaska to seek his fortune and became a DJ at Maurice Minnifield's radio station KBHR ("K-Bear") in Cicely, Alaska.

His father was a traveling salesman who spent half his time with Chris and his mother, and half with a second family in Oregon. Joel (chuckles) Maurice: "She's Actin' Single, I'm Drinkin' Double"..."I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised"? Joel: It would help if I hadn't had to sleep in a kennel.

Chris and his half-brother Bernard Stevens, born the same day, knew nothing of each other until they met on their 30th birthday. Chris, you play this crap at in the morning, you're gonna be lookin' down so many barrels you'll think you've landed in an NRA convention. Chris: Soapy once told me that the thing he loved most about country music was its sense of myth.

What I am interested in is what my daughter is doing during those nightly hours between 8 o’clock and midnight, when she finally gets to bed.

Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U. A report on the unprecedented role reversal now under way— and its vast cultural consequences s the biologist Ronald Ericsson came up with a way to separate sperm carrying the male-producing Y chromosome from those carrying the X.

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