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We were then able to add playlists to Copy Trans Manager and sync them with the i Pod.You can add and delete music, videos, podcasts, and more.As a result, users have forked Songbird and created a Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible derivative under the name Nightingale.Songbird announced on 14 June 2013 that it would stop all operations and shut down by 28 June.Using CSS (and optionally XUL), and an image manipulation program such as Photoshop or GIMP, users are then able to make Songbird look however they want.Songbird was founded by Rob Lord and developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable (with members who previously developed for both Winamp On April 2, 2010, it was announced that official Linux support would end with Songbird version 1.7.2. would instead focus on its Windows and Mac OS X versions of Songbird, providing only unofficial support for Linux releases.Classical music can be organized by Composer and Home Videos by Date and Media Monkey will take care of organizing them automatically as a background process.

Plus there's an army of developers constantly working on improvements and new features.It’s lightweight and works nice for managing your music collection without i Tunes.You can also listen to the music through your computer with your i Pod or i OS device plugged in.Known community designed extensions are: Qloud Tagging & Search, e Music Integration, i Tunes Importer, Artist Tracker, Library File Organizer, Audioscrobbler Notifier, Wikipedia Artist Display, SHOUTcast Radio Directory, Un Plug, Adblock Plus, Taglib metadata handler, Chat Zilla, and Foxy Proxy.Skins are referred to as "feathers" in Songbird, and give users and artists the ability to change the look of Songbird via an extension which generates a default skin.

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