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It lasts between three and five years and covers not just professional training, education and responsibility, but also intercultural experiences, as the three segments of the programme are spent at different MANN HUMMEL locations worldwide – perfect for a globetrotter such as myself!

I was attracted to the Financial Graduate Programme because it includes stays at international locations.

Dominik: The barbecue took place on Sunday, January 19th at noon, just a week after all the international students came back from the Christmas break and were happy to have an opportunity to meet up and see each other again.

We had about 70 people attending in total, which exceeded our expectations.

The Golden Times asked Dominik Stengele, Speaker of the Erasmus Working Group of AEGEE-Aachen, what else awaits the many Erasmus students in his city. Dominik Stengele (laughs): Is there even such a thing as a wrong time for a barbecue?

Golden Times: Dominik, AEGEE-Aachen already opened the barbecue season. No, seriously, the current weather conditions in Europe make people wonder if winter has been suspended this year.

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