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The system will check for new software, and will list all updates on your screen. i Tunes will check for updates every time it launches, provided you are connected to the internet.

If updates are available, you will receive a prompt to download the updated version.

Unfortunately, other software-update failures aren't as simple to diagnose and cure.(Back in May 2011 I compared An easy solution to an i Tunes update failure It took only a few minutes of searching on the i Tunes "insufficient privilege" error message to find a forum post recommending a repair of the Apple Software Update applet to allow the installation of i Tunes 11.0.3 to proceed.

To do so, press the Windows key, type Programs and Features, and press Enter.

Of course, I was logged on as an administrator, and like most Windows users, I have no system administrator to contact.

Fortunately, the solution to this update glitch was relatively easy to find: I repaired the Apple Software Update program in Win7's Programs and Features app, restarted my PC, and tried the update again, this time successfully.

Some users are experiencing trouble installing the i OS 10 software update by way of the Over-the-Air Software Update mechanism.

The installer reported "insufficient privileges" and suggested I log on as an administrator or contact my system administrator.To do that, go to "Control Panel." Select Hardware and Sound." Click "Sound." Click "Manage Audio Devices." Under the "Playback" tab, select your speakers.Click "Properties." Go to the "Enhancements" tab and check "Disable All Enhancements."If you do not want to turn off your computer's sound enhancers, turn off the i Tunes Sound Enhancer feature instead. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences." Click the "Playback" tab.Essentially this means the i Phone or i Pad will be bricked and unusable until it can be restored or successfully updated with i Tunes and a computer.Update: Apple has apparently fixed the problem with the OTA update.

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