Unrated online dating

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Four hip women get ready for Friday night in LA: they dress, talk about sex, and hit a bar before meeting four men at a rave. Rick and Jean, two attorneys, have set up the evening, connect at the club, and have a good time.The pairings of Shawn, Trent, Whitney and Emma are more serendipitous.

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The box office result was not as good as it was for Seth's previous motion picture though but it was still profitable. Albert: "Hi." Girl: "Hello." Albert: "You looking at cloth?

Cora spends her days begrudgingly answering phones at a Prayer Call Center under the watch of well-intentioned leader Bill.

When a caller shows up convinced he's been saved by her voice, she must decide if she's the one he thinks she is.

Shrimp, sesame oil, spices and and vegetables make a great stir-fry meal.

After their seven-month-old baby died weighing less than 10 pounds, a mother and father in Beveren, Belgium, are standing trial on charges that they starved the child by negligently providing an alternative gluten-free diet, with no medical supervision.

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