Updating hdd firmware with another

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- Did you download the firmware file on the internal HDD of your computer or directly on your USB flash memory drive? So thank you for your patience throughout the initialization of the Zappiti Player 4K until you reach the player's home page (Zappiti / Explorer / Google Play). After the second reboot, please click on "Settings", then set your language. You have to download it on the internal HDD of your computer. - Did you uncompress the file on the internal HDD of your computer or on your USB flash memory drive? As long as the Zappiti logo is not displayed, do not turn off or disconnect the player above! DO NOT RESTART the player until the main page appears. After the first initial boot, please restart the player. To format USB Flash drive (up to 4GB) in FAT32, Mac OSX create 2 partitions. Unzip the file with Win Zip (or Win Zip Mac Edition for Mac users) and place the all files at the top level (root) of an USB flash drive (up to 4 GB) formatted in FAT32. Connect the USB flash drive to one of the USB 2.0 port of the Zappiti Player 4K. Connect your Zappiti Player 4K directly to your TV in HDMI instead of your AV Receiver. Start the Zappiti Player 4K without pressing the reset button. So please copy the IMG file on the 2 partitions to be sure that the player will see it on the boot sequence. Switch off the Zappiti Player 4K by using the Power On / Off button located on the back side. Connect the USB flash drive into one USB 3.0 port located the left of the unit and disconnect the network cable. Press the reset button by using a paper clip (small hole located on the side of the unit). Thank you to carefully read all of this procedure first! Since I had 2 USB 3.0 Ports, I plugged it in to the other one it it worked after plugging in and out several times..Now there was a sec power surge and the same thing is happening again on the 2nd port!

Apart from that, I would have said that this was drive related issue, if there were no two power surges and the USB 3.0 ports stopped working one at a time.I was experiencing some issues with one of my Dell R610 servers.(Fans never spin down.) After doing some research I noticed people suggested it was due to bad firmware of i DRAC Express.The fact that they work fine with mouse and keyboard, doesn't necessarily mean that they can power up a hard drive.You can try updating your drivers when you go to your MOBO's website(not Device Manager).

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