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Why is it so common to disable updating of root certificates?What are the potential side effects of enabling updates again?However, now that the software is available for general use, it appears that a double digit (percentage) of our customers are configured with this setting and no-one knows why. We have written a KB article for our customers, but we really don't want the problem to happen at all as we actually care about the customer experience.Some things we have noticed while investigating this: So, here is my question again.Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 contain an optional system component, Update Root Certificates, which, when necessary, connects to the Microsoft update web server and downloads certificate updates: If this component is not installed you need to periodically update this list yourself.By far the easiest way to keep up with root CA changes is to install the above Windows component.I want to make sure we can provide our customers with the appropriate guidance.

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It even contains some information regarding different operating systems.

This certificate have a root ca that was recently created, so my windows 7 machines does not trust in this ca.

My machines does not have internet access and can't download from windows update the list of trusted root certificates (CTL) In this technet article say that this CTL can be downloaded from Microsoft download center but I have searched and I just found a KB of 2013 that contains the CTL.

A root certificates update can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update web site.

Comodo root certificates can be found on the Comodo support web site.

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