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It has the same touch based interface and operating system as the i Phone, but without the ability to access data anywhere, and as a result the i Pod Touch has less of the headaches associated with smartphone ownership.I liked the Touch so much that I bought two of them, one for each of my boys; they really like them and it helped cure their itch for a smartphone.Jam Kotenko’s article for Gotta Be is really great.Had I found this first, I would have looked no further…but I found it last, which is why the other 2 are included.

Many businesses rely on video chat everyday, but for the most part they either use expensive video conferencing systems focused more on internal or business-to-business communication, or consumer-friendly tools like Skype or Google Talk.And finally, there’s the opportunity for a full band to jam online together.Of course this can already be done by aiming the video calling mics at the instruments of users, but a company as innovative as could have built a better technical bridge to capture those sounds.For businesses focused on client and customer relationships, the latter can become invaluable tools that allow the business to balance client face time with the realities of modern work — remote offices, consistent travel, and the need to be in two places at once.There has been a lot of talk since Apple released Face Time for the i Phone 4 — about whether it threatens Skype and other consumer level desktop video chat clients.

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