War dating dating advice for women from men youtube

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Mingling while single in today's society has been shaped by a multitude of factors and series of movements that have made a minefield out of what was once an amicable space where men and women could have respectful encounters.

It's no longer about being “out there” or “playing the field,” now it's about showing someone he or she can trust you enough to provide the simple respect he or she deserves — the same respect we are all supposed to give each other.

The iconic image of a World War II soldier dipping a nurse into a spontaneous kiss on the open streets often elicits feelings of nostalgia and romance among us.

All the glamour aside, the reality of dating when one or both of the people in the relationship are called to duty is a hard one.

Above that, there are time zones and differing schedules to be reckoned with.

Is it me, or is #3 nearly impossible to find or rarely exists anymore?

Always looking for the next girl who is hotter, younger, or more sexual. Both partners love each other equally and unconditionally. Neither cheat or look elsewhere for the next best thing.

Here's the quick list: Khloewas married to NBA player Lamar Odom, Kim was married to NBA player Kris Humphries, Khloedated former NBA player Rashad Mc Cants, Kim dated NFL player Miles Austin, Khloe dated NFL player Derrick Ward, Khloe dated NBA player James Harden, Khloe dated MLB player Matt Kemp,and Khloe was linked to NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. Khloe and Kim are currently on a music kick (Khloe is dating rapper Trey Songz and Kim is famously married to Kanye West), but it shouldn't be long before both return to their athlete roots.

They should take a cue from their baby sister - Kendall Jenner.

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