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The comedian Andrew Lawrence tweeted recently that feminists could kill themselves in order to achieve equality with men. Those women may have suffered feelings of suicide as they fought to stay alive. Some of them will have suffered suicidal feelings as they fought to survive the trauma.Whilst humour can take many forms and is a matter of subjective taste, it is a crossed boundary to incite others to take their own lives. The men Lawrence mentions are not a source of humour.This is why it’s no surprise then, that the name of their new band is called - Still Three.AXS caught up with Joey, Matthew and Andy at the April 6 premiere for Pop TV’s “Hollywood Darlings” and “Return of the Mac” (in which Joey Lawrence appears). It’s music you can have a good time listening to.” Joey Lawrence told AXS, “The music thing is crazy. Now people are saying that we need to do something else, so, Andy and I are actually getting back in the studio. We also shot a video about a week ago that we’re editing right now.But in 2003, six years into their marriage, the ... ] Jack, a man wrongly convicted of murder is sent to a prison where the unscrupulous warden has political aspirations.The warden manipulates his wife, his political adviser...We asked the brothers all about the recently released song, “Lose Myself,” and how the collaboration started. We were in the studio, we were just fooling around and we came up with this ‘Lose Myself’ song. That should be released probably in like three or four weeks.” When it comes to creating with his brothers, he added, “I like to write little hooks that I can sing. You know, when it works, it just works.” Joey Lawrence also shared with AXS that he’s about to release some brand new solo music as well.

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'Andrew Lawrence is superbly intelligent, highly articulate and deeply sour' (The Spectator) ‘This is intelligently crafted comedy, in turns nuanced and brutal.

“And I’m very excited about it.” There’s a lot to be excited about with this trio.

You can see Joey Lawrence on “Return of the Mac” and to keep up with all of the Lawrence brothers, you can follow them on their socials.

Between the three Lawrence brothers, they’ve been making music and appearing on our TV screens since the ‘80s.

Whether it was on “Blossom,” “Boy Meets World,” or “Brotherly Love,” the trio has always proven that there’s no greater bond than family.

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